How to show slider in music player that shows current time and timing?

How can make slider in my music player ??? Like That :-

There is an open source project of music player, you can refer this

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Yes, but there is no fast-forward and rewind feature like this:


How to have slider like that in my audio player ??

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This is another topic. You already ask that in another thread.

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Yeah… Can you please answer that :v::v::v:

You need to create it by yourself. There’s a block to get audio duration and current position. Use those blocks to create a slider.

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But how??? i tried once but failed :frowning:

And again: This topic is about →
Is there only audio player extension that can play audio from link?

and not about Slider & ExoPlayer.CurrentPosition issues. So continue with questions about this in your other thread:

oftopic post now moved to the correct thread

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fast-forward and rewind feature is already available.

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Ok fine, this is now possible with your current version (only with APK, Companion doesn’t work).

But the sound / music is stopped when changing the Slider position (continuously). So if you want to find a specific part of a music track you cannot listen to it (makes it difficult to find it).