How to show upload progress?

by using cloudinary, when uploading an image how can I show the progress of the image uploaded.
I have checked community and blocks section but haven’t found a solution.

You may try this

You cannot get the current upload persentage as it’s not provided by cloudnairy

But, You can use the method above :smile:

If it helps you please tell me :heart:

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That’s what I asked for. I already knew that I can do it like this! :smile:

Simple answer is no you can’t get the progress of uploading to cloudinary

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I Googled and found that Cloudinary provides file upload progress but currently it’s unavailable here :upside_down_face:

Here’s the post ;- How to create an upload progress bar? – Cloudinary Support :

You may have to request a free extension developer so that he/she might develop it for you

If you have got your answer now so please mark the appropriate answer as :white_check_mark:


Yes, I request anyone of you who is willing to make it.

You can ask it on the marketplace request category