How to skip a line

I have a listview of type image
and my subtitle has more than one information
and I wanted to skip a line between one piece of information and another for the design to look cool
how do i do this?
someone help me :confused:

Use replace all text segment replacement block to skip the particular line…You will get this block on text section. @thiagofernandes055

You can use the html option:

And then use html tags:

Listview 2
<br> is a line break

The result:


it’s a really cool solution
but I found on the internet that using \n also works and it worked for me
maybe it serves for your learning too
but thank’s for help me :slight_smile:

It’s true that it makes the line jump.
But as you said about making it look cooler, you can use html to give it color, bold, italic fonts, etc

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Like @pepocero said, with html you can give the title and subtitles different formats, like colors, font size, bold, italic, etc. Keep that in mind in case you need it. I would recommend you to use it so the title and subtitle doesn’t look the same. It’s easier to read it if they differentiate.

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