How to smoothen this animation?

I have created a animated splash screen which scrolls down to login page and I am trying to get the logo floating [refer video].
I have wasted an entire day trying to create this and trying to smoothen it out but with no success. The end result is very fuzzy. Does anyone know a better way to do this?



Try to use Animation Utilities. Maybe can work

I’ve used animation utilities, scroll hanldler, phase animations and clock loop but with no success. Either the logo is too fast or the scroller!

I suggest you this extension:

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Already tried it!

have u added close screen animation?
try it

I’m trying to use vertical scroll layout with vertical layouts in it. Will try this out though

so i guess
dont use my trick
use phase
its better
but i think u added phase for both arrangment
do it for one then tell

can i get the .aia
:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Sure… Let me perfect it once, I’ll share it will try you

This is my designer. Phase is not working on this arrangement.

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u used my trick???
i guess u shall try using dynamic component

u want it then pm me

I tried using phase earlier but removed it since it didn’t work.
Right now, i set the centering to bottom and using clock timer to reduce the space5 height and scroll handler to scroll down at the same time.
Its the lag that is making it look shabby.

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