How to solve firebase error

When I open my application it’s says firebase error permission denied . How can I solve this problem .

Check for firebase rules.

Set it : read to true

If you are using firebase authentication then make sure that you have uploaded google-services.json file to your project assets.

Next time do a search before asking.


Not authentication . I use database to save data .

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Set your firebase rules
“rules”: {
“.read”: true,
“.write”: true, <<<< you can change this to false >>>>>

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After write this rules what I have to do .

After changes the rules you have Permission to read and write to firebase from you app

Understand the basics of firebase rules.

When you set read to true : you can fetch data from firebase db to your app, if it is set to false you will get permission error in your app, when try to fetch data.

When you set write to true : you can add, modify or delete tags, values of your firebase db from the app just like an admin app.

After setting the rules of read ( and write ) to true, just click on the “Publish” button.
and you will be all set.

Ok . Did I have to re create the app .

Check screenshot you have error saving rules.
First solved that, after you can access to read firebase. Don’t need to anything. Enter or restart you app

Thanks for helping me .

I need help can I send notification from
Admin > User
User > Admin

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You last question is for other topic i thing.
Anyway, you need to send notifications or messages.
Can create a chat like whatsapp with chatview component and firebase.
Here is a guide: How to use chatview with firebase?

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