How to solve this deeplink problem

Search in comunnity

Boss no have in community

It took me less than one second to find

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Please check in this block what is wrong

Did you try the given aia to see how it works?

I tested with companion loads fine. If your app crash check Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components


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Same problem

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Post a test aia here to show your problem

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Jobchoice.aia (711.0 KB)
Check this aia

Jobchoice_1.aia (711.0 KB)

Boss you did check or no
If you will check then what is problem

Does it work for you ?

No work boss

in this case use logcat to find out more about the issue and post the logcat result here

PS: please refrain from using names like boss, br0 etc… the name of Dora is Dora… so just use Dora… it’s simple, isn’t it?


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Please you can help why close my app when I will use custom webview

Of course, @dora_paz’s aia works. There is no issue.
Device name & Android versions?

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yes of course, just provide a logcat result as mentioned earlier

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Redmi note4

Check this code

the author of the extension @vknow360 might want to check…