How to Sort 1 list according to the other list?

I have looked all around the forums but still cant find the solution to my problem.
So heres the thing: I Have 3 different lists like Name, Age And Birthday in(days).
So i use the @yusufcihan list extension to sort the name in alphabetically order and display in a custom list view but i also want my date and birthday to change accordingly to name.
For Eg: Harry 28 254 Days
John 56 25 days
George 16 52 Days

When i sort the name alphabetically it will be: George , Harry And john but their relative age and birthday in list will ofcourse not change. How to change them according to the the name list. (Im bad at describing things lol sorry)

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Use loop and index in list block

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can you provide an example block code :smiley:

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This extension ?

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try this

Well Nowdays i Like to Work with Dictionaries.



Thank You so much for the help :smiley: also is it somehow possible to do this all in just 3 variables and not 6 like u are using names and sorted names, is it possible to do the whole opperation just by using the names variable? If it is not possible im fine with that thanks for the help :smiley:


After Making the Dictionary you can Reuse the First 3 Variables.

No Need Of New 3 Sorted xxxxxx Variables.

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Thank You :smiley:

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