How to sort list view

U are doing it with extension and it cannot work when points are equal. I can do it without any extension


Do not use this method it will not work while two player point are equal


If u are using airtable then no need to sort out the list


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This is ur solution


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check out my this post…may b help full for u

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U are sorting list by time and name
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check this post

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I just thanked you guys for your ideas.

I solved the problem with the same points as follows.


@akim_akim :point_up:t2:

Post ur output

“Dub” and “Jamie” each have 200 points. In the result, both names are displayed with 200.
@ADDYLIN The method with my addition works with two players on the same points. Or not?

what do you mean?

These are the New Blocks (capable of sorting same points) -
[ you need not to take 2 new variables “newnames” and “newpoints”. those were taken just for test purpose. you can directly use “names” and “points” variable ]

Output -


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