How to Stop JsonTools Errors like Runtime error no value for title

How to Stop JsonTools Errors

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Developed by @lukegackle
Version 3

Runtime error no value for the title

First of all I believe latest version for that extension is 4, also please provide a screenshot of you blocks and the error

Sorry I can’t show you the blocks
Error screenshot

Since I can not see your blocks try to create an if … then … statement to check if you have an empty string in your json and then replace it with a value

IS there is an way to detect json tools error

Your json does not contain title

this error won’t come if you have title in your json


Yes I know that but i used an api that give me the output according to my input so i just want to know how i can detect jsontools error and take action and ignores the erorr

And what is the response from api if data not found ?

In such case use dictionary method of calling to call your specific value instead of using jsontool

If no item found it will return with not found or ()

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let me test it