How to store data like this

Here is the screenshot of deep host app.He show the user uploaded data in the main layout that is home is not difficult to show in the main layout but I want to know is how to show the user uploaded specific data in his or her user profile layout like this.

Any one please suggest me how to do like this.i try it many times and also looking his aia file that deep host make but I can’t understand properly.
Help me please.

Whenever the user uploads a data from his/her profile, create and maintain a separate tag of the user (tag=username) under which a copy of the data uploaded is stored. In that way you can access the tag and get a list of all the videos/data only the user has uploaded.

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@antonyjohne thank you very much.

@antonyjohne can you show me a little blocks please.

@antonyjohne broo I really need this.please show me a little block for this.