How to store Images in cache memory?

I made a wallpaper app and I load images in it through airtable but it takes much time to load the images so how can I store these images in cache memory

Here You Go -

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But is it work for dynamic card view and dynamic images ?

it works for any image.
Static or Dynamic.

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Can you tell me where and which blocks I have to use ?

Just Replace Your Old image Loading Block With This -

And Never Check These Properties -

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Old image loading block means dynamic image which I had used ?

no, dynamic image means it will be created as per request dynamically, without using many image components.

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You Might Have Used This Block To Load All images From URL -

Replace This.

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No I used this block to load images

Make The Path Empty Like This.
blocks (1)

And At Last Of Your Procedure Add This -
in url Your image URL’s which was Earlier in Path of Above Block.

Ok I will try this

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DevYB image loader doesn’t work with kodular dynamic image…You need to use dynamic components extension instead…

Can you tell me how ?

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You can see this guide 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide or this guide Dynamic Image view
they both use DevYB with dynamic components extension…