How to store profile information

Good afternoon Koders, whats the simplest way can I use to store profile information and display it for the user to view and change if they want? So far only the profile picture displays but no user information, the idea is for users to write their profiles and then save them, I am using Firebase to store the info and I have been stuck on this for the past 2 weeks. Thanks in advance!! I have also shared my blocksblocks%20(4)|690x471


you are a difficult way, which i dont get many parts, simple way can do it easily, i dont know why you are checking that local data and index etc, but checing empty boxes and saving data and images is wrong, the whole part is need to be re configured, is it possible to send me aia so i can check that and configure, because for showing you we have to make a new app so better to work on your app

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Thank you so much, but I recently managed to make the app do what I want it to do and it’s working fine now.

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Please tell me How to create following follower features