How to Sum Up Every Piece Of Huge Number [Solved]

Lets say we have a huge number 957690221721231
we want to sum up every piece 9+5+7+6+9+0+2+2+1+7+2+1+2+3+1 = 56
we got 56 and we go on sum up until it becomes lower than 10

How can we create a loop for this?

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I heard that there is a bug in split component for android 10

Is it still continuing?

That’s why I use if not is empty statement to cover this case :slight_smile:

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Genius. Thats cool. One last question how can we arrange this block to obtain only one-stage number. I mean I need numbers lower than 10. loop must go on until it becomes one-stage number.
I feel really idiot right now. I am struggling with this from the morning. really sorry.

Happy birthday by the way…

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He wants to add even that 57 result also too like 5+7=12… and this result is greater than 10 so this result also need to add like 1+2=3. It seems .

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Actually solution to that was provided by @WatermelonIce in Daily Challenge #100 - #2 by WatermelonIce


Its working. You made my day, mate. thank you so much.


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