How to take picture from camera and send to google drive from app

How can i use camera in the phone and to take picture from the phone and send it to google drive folder from app.



Check This

see these ressources by @TIMAI2

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ok i can try first …

@Anil_M, you posted a list of tutorials, but a lot of them are irrelevant. Please only filter out the relevant ones.

Siti, you may want to take a look at this?

Note: There is a bug with the Camera component. Therefore, please follow this as well if you would like to use the Camera component: Error 201 After Update 1.5.5 (Camera did not return an Image) - #6 by bodymindpower.


thank you :pray:

You can use this extension to take photo using camera to upload taken photo to Google drive. Also you can compress taken image size before upload.↓

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