How to update app version

I need to update version of my app from 1 to 1.1. What changes should i make in Version code and version name? Note: version code is not allowing decimals

Search the community please. Thx.


In the first I think that you cannot use decimals, in the second box yes.

  • The first version box is private and can only be seen within the developer panel of the Google store.
  • The second box is public and this if it could be seen in the Google store.


I am making post after searching in community only.

Then how should i write 1.1?
Version name can be 1.1 but how to mention 1.1 in version code?

Version Code Should be integer For Each Update Increase it by one

Version Name can Be Integer For minor updates It can Be increased by 0.1 For big updates Increase it by 1

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Can i update only version name, keeping version code as 1

If you want to upload the update to the Play Store you will have to change the version code. Generally you would add +1 to the version code for each release but it can be whatever you want as long as it is a number that does not come into conflict with previous version codes.

version name: 1.1
version code: 2

and next time probably
version name:
version code: 3


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