How to update data on the screen that I have changed in airtable

[detail_design] Screen is showing data based on airtable.
The problem is that I have to update data regularly (e.g. monthly) ,
however, there is no change on the screen even though I’ve changed data in airtable (‘time’ column)

How can I show updated data on the screen?
please give me some advice or solution.

thank you for your time in advance!

P.S I’ve already checked previous questions on community… but couldn’t solve my problem.

I see you save data in tinyDB. Do you check for changes in airtable and update tinyDB data or once you call data from airtable you save it to tinyDB and never check again ? If this is the case then you won’t be able to see any changes made in airtable

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Hi dora! I’m using tinyDB just for 'previous button(back button).
In this case, I guess tiny DB has nothing to do with airtable.
What kind of block do I have to use to show updated data on screen?


How do you get data from airtable? When open app, click button, clock???

You are showing block when get data from other screen, but not from airtable. :thinking:

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Oh my question was wrong
Air table sync is now working well
There was a typo
Thx by the way!!