How to upload aia or ais file into kodular as it dowlo

It is in .rar. When i extracted, it contains 3 folders i.e assets, screen and project. I changed its name by .aia and it does’t changed and remains ime name.aia.rar when imported it it show error

i guess you are using windows and have winrar installed? first uninstall winrar or any other archive utility and then try to rename it

may be…i try by mobile

Just rename from .rar to .aia and import it to Kodular





exported as .zip file from mobile also…i changed it from .zip to .aia but it remains same

aia file
i changed it into .aia file and then i cut it from download from to desktop and its extension remains same.

zip file not changed

Have you tried to import it to creator ?

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Yes i have tried and imported by same way but it shows error

you can see here

But you haven’t renamed it, just delete ending .zip and leave project_name.aia

I have renamed it …you can see here. When i imported it show its actual name “”

Plz check, i have again changed name and imported it but same result.

you are changing just the name not extension. please try uninstalling winrar and try renaming

In Windows 10

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Click the View tab in File Explorer.
  3. Click the box next to File name extensions to see file extensions.

After that you will be able to delete extension .zip or .rar from file name


done same process…file extension successfully changed to .aia…

but when i import it shows same previous error

you can check by yourself this aia file…

this original exported .rar file (5.0 MB)

this .aia file after changing its extension
Project_Chat.aia (4.9 MB)

It’s not a proper aia file. Please learn how to use a computer then try renaming it.

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@dora_paz @HritikR @deanart2012 thx for all of your help…sorry for wasting time


You are welcome :slight_smile: , if problem is solved mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help others with the same issue

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