How to upload image in listview

so i have stored name + image URL in airtable cell .So after calling the data please tell how to split the image url and name and then set in listview image and text,
Thanks for helping

This is more easy to do with ColinTree Listview extension in my opinion.

Set them in different cells

Its not possible if you dont add a special character between the two value.
If you did this then simply use split text at block.

first if you want to get data very easily then dont store in multiple cell.
dont use colin tree list view if you have more item then 200

and now how to store data in cell

use like this

and in blocks use a split block and split the value and you will get the title as index 1 and url as 2.

if you want then i will make some blocks to understand you as well.

Example- You used $ character between the two value.

Then use the split text at block
Where text will be the whole value and ‘at’ will be the “$”

Using Google Spreadsheet I set two information in different cells (columns) and I can get them separately easily using for each and select item index. I thought it would be possible with airtable.

Yes of course. Using different cells for different information is always good way and normal way. Maybe he has some requirements thats why he is storing the values in the same cell.

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please explain with some blocks.
Thank You for Guiding.

r u calling a column or only a cell ?

whole column

ok give me a moment i will send you images of blocks…

take your time

note : i used this structure

as you are using a + sign to split the data and also you saved title first and image url after title

use this structure


and note dont give space after + in image url

and also you can use any other special icon to split the data because sometime image url contain + sign so make sure that use any other special icon or + will be also ok if you dont use any + in image url.

It worked thanks but when a user clicks how to know which list and how to show him details of the user…Please help
(I am using the cointree list view)

I dont use colin tree list view but i can guide how to use that

you can check the row no. on which he clicked

if in colin tree list view
position start from 0 then add +1 to get the real postion in table of airtable.

if not then u can directly use position as row no.

by knowing row no you can know that which value he want to open like

he clicked on third item in list view
if listview position start from 0 then you will get position =2 so add position + 1 now you will get the row no. and the column you called from airtable. you can check there what is in the position of row no. 3.

Please send me the blocks…

i am unable to make any block code here to describe what to do

because i dont know what you want to do after user will click on any item. can u describe it more.

when an item is clicked i want to show the image and description about her + phone number and ratings given by the people…

where are you storing the phone no and ratings ??