How to upload several images into Assets

How to upload all images in assest together. We can only upload one assest at a time

Download aia, open archive with 7zip or WinRar, copy all images and paste them to assets. Then upload aia to creator


You cannot do it in mobile. Do it in system

Who said this to you @Still-learning it can be easily done on mobile also

Well, I tried a lot of time to connect the companion while I uses kodular in mobile. But I never succeed in this. It’s always disconnected after 20% progress. I am not sure but I think we can’t connect companion while using kodular in mobile(as it’s never connected in mine) . That’s why I think it’s not possible. Let see response from other koders​:wink: if I am wrong.

May be it is #off-topic

I will use opera mobile to connect /test sometime… After entering code i will jump to mobile creator.kodular till progress complete,(if not it will not connect- yet don’t know the reason) once it complete i wl move to companion, …

In earlier post i said adding asset in aia via mobile only seems to be hard

How to do that

I use Split Screen


Yes @Sumit1334 and @Still-learning Try that


How to do that in Mobile

are you talking about asset copying or companion ?

The initial question was how to upload multiple images in assets at once. So now the op is asking to provide your solution according to your post

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ok :grin: wait i post somthing

Moving files into aia assets via mobile or connecting creator with companion via mobile???

This @Still-learning

How can you help me

What you are expecting ?.. not clear… i believe this topic is closed.

@Still-learning @Vishal4 @dora_paz @Sumit1334
Here is a video how to add multiple assets in an aia on mobile
Sorry :sweat_smile:For My Bad English Speaking Skills 🥲 and Also Very Much Sorry For the background noise in the last part of Video
But Please watch the Video

Well, it is possible but not advisable i think… better we can work always with system. Anyway nice attempt @Aditya_Nanda

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Anyways @Still-learning My Believe is that everything is possible in digital world what we imagine or the thing that never had been discovered is also possible we can do anything in digital world

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