How to upload video from Camcorder to Cloudinary Directly

Hello Koders,

I wanted to know a way:

I open camcorder on btn-click
when camcorder return with a clip
upload it to cloudinary

Note - User will not upload from gallery.
I already tried many possible ways but it didn’t worked for me. Method to do this with blocks would be really appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.



After media uploaded you can store the url in airtable, that’s if you need it.

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I tried the same but failed.

okay, after recording, you save the clip. after clip is saved then you upload the saved clip.

How to do the same? blocks would be so good.

Try this


Yeah, Try this method.

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Could you please give direct link to download the extension, I am not able to figure out to download.

It is not allowed to give a direct link, but it is not that hard to get it. Scroll to the end of page and click on download link.

Image taken from Pura Vida Apps

thanks a lot.

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