How To usage this Are permission granted Block?

Plz Someone give me Example. How to usage this?

Maybe you should read the blocks description?
It tells you if ALL permissons that your app needs are granted or not.


Can I remove Location permission from my app ???

It is not without a reason there.
If you use a component which needs the permission then the permission is automatic added to your apk.
Then your user will be asked if the apps needs the permission to run a function.

If you delete a permission with some tools, then your app will not longer work correct.

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I remove location Permission block from my apk… But Still it show Location permission . But it did not want location permission . I want to remove this location permission permanently.

Read my answere above correct…

Maybe you should tell which components you use?!

I usage a Extension for Devices ID (IMEI) which name is taifun tm 1

Delete the permission with apk tool or any other tool.

But then don’t cry if your app not longer works.


I granted all permission but also it is returned me false

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The same mistake I have

Yes… It always show false. Can any one give us the right way to usage this Block

Components has bug…
No block lol

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You are r8

Show me the App settings Page where all permissions are granted