How to use Airtable with activity starter

how to create the airtable with activity starter means i have a button in the screen1 and i am using the activity starter in the my app so how to add the link in button from airtable

My links

Button how to set the link from the button for activity

You can use global variable…
Initialise globalDataUri to zzzz
When spreadsheet got cell
Set globalDataUri to get value
And use activity starter data uri to globalDataUri

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can you show me blocks

It’s easy. Isn’t it? :thinking:
Well I have a better idea…
Use the *activity starter data uri block in spreadsheet got cell block



When I click on get link then Why it’s not open in web browsers

Try setting the value on link to check if the right value is coming or not…
Try using the link without activity starter…
What kind of link you want to view with activity starter :thinking:

I need activity starter in my app I add daily new Post with new link so it’s important

Yes… Sounds good.
Did you tried it without activity starter?

Nope I didn’t try this

Can you post back what you get in DataUri block when you right click and Doit


Try using this Extension to launch the link in default browser

Default Browser Extension

Download -

The wrong thing is lying in your blocks. If you are using more than one URi then use Airtable.getColumn block. After getting the values (which are basically a list) use select list item/index block.

For a single item also you can do this by limiting the records.


  1. Do not leave any unused row or cell empty.
  2. The values cannot be used directly as DataUri.

Please can you show us some block?

Not a problem but right now it’s not possible as I’m not near my computer right now.

OK no problem

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Why can’t you share it here? That is what the community is all about…

Sorry for that

You can use web external browser