How to use and control activity of the titlebar tab?


how to use this?

before Makeroid down, I tried this feature, but I am not able to get the activity when tab selected and control it, anyone can help?

It worked on my Firebase Login system… What’s your implementation?

i means the tab and position , anyone can tell me how to use ?

Tab is just for the text of the tab, position is based on when you add it.

any example ?

You can use the If Tab = Tab name here, then event or If Position = 1, then

I tried your first method a few months ago , but seems it dont works , I will try it again when the new release , thanks !

BTW, the first method only works with the Text Tabs not Icon Tabs, instead use position for those.


is it like this?

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Yep… That’s correct

great ! thanks !