How to use Dynamic Components with Schema

omg, I thought about that at first, but then I figured it can’t be that easy, because the label contains text, not a picture, so I tried with the picture block and so on.

Your blocks works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks again :smiley:

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Hei again :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile: @dora_paz (Hope it’s ok to tag you, if not please let me know and I will stop :slight_smile: )

What am I doing wrong here? I’ve tried different ways to do this, but I don’t seem to get it right :woozy_face:

It won’t upload to spreadsheet.

What I try to do is split the ingredients by “,” with “\n” when press on marked picture to get new lines, and then upload to spreadsheet. But then I get this error?

Remove select list item list block. Just use make a list → replace all text → global TilHandleKurv


Thanks, but that I have tried, but that solution uploads the three ingredients in a single cell, I want it in 3 cells in a single collumn named “Handleliste”. That’s my problem, I can’t seem to find out how to split the ingredients into a list of 3 and upload that to spreadsheet.


So actually you want to add 3 cells in a column

Replace call spreadsheet.create row block in above image with the following and see if it works


It works :smiley: lol, I feel so stupid, but again very happy to be able to get help :slight_smile:

I hope I will manage the rest from now on (fingers crossed) :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice day!

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Hi again.
I’m now trying to do something I can’t figure out. I’m trying the method you showed, but it doesnt seem to work for this?

I’ve tried a few methods, this is my latest, but not working ofc :frowning:

In my menu I have a picture and a label, the label gets the name from Airtables. I want to be able to hide and show arrangements based on the value/text in the label.

Is it possible, and are my blocks very wrong?


  "name": "Template_Meny",
  "metadata-version": 1,
  "extension_version": 5,
  "author": "<your name>",
  "platforms": [
  "extensions": {},
  "keys": [
  "components": [
      "id": "Menybox{id}",
      "type": "MakeroidCardView",
      "properties": {
"CornerRadius": 30,
        "AlignHorizontal": 3,
        "AlignVertical": 2,
        "BackgroundColor": -7876885,
        "Elevation": 10,
        "FullClickable": true,
        "Height": 200,
        "Width": 250
      "components": [
          "id": "Menybilde{id}",
          "type": "Image",
          "properties": {
            "Height": -2,
            "Picture": "{Menybilde}"
          "id": "Menytext{id}",
          "type": "Label",
          "properties": {
            "FontBold": true,
            "FontItalic": true,
            "FontSize": 18,
            "Text": "{Menytext}"

Now that I have a shoppinglist that works. I get collumns from airtable that I insert into global lists.
Dynamic Component extension creates the components with templates/schema. Everything works great!

But when I add new items to the shoppinglist from inside app I want the list to be updated. Is this possible when using schema? I’ve searched for solutions, but everything I find is how to do it when not using template/schema.

When you add new items you have to re create the list , so make a procedure that deletes all dynamic components and then re create list


Ok, but I guess it will remove EVERY used ID? It contains ID of other lists also. The best thing to do then is to use different Dynamic Components? Like Dynamic Components1 - Dynamic Components2 etc.?

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Is it possible to set property to more then 1 dynamic component? I’m just testing something out, but not matter what I do I can’t get it to work :-/

My last tested blocks:

Yes. It’s possible.

BackgroundColor property of any component accept an integer value as color. Not only background color, all property related color accepts an integer value. But in your blocks, you’re giving a string value to the value parameter. Could you try removing the string from the value? Then try.

I have tried everything that comes in my mind, and the string you see works just fine, but not if I try with ‘for each item’ block.

The thing is I want the background to be only 10% transparent.
I’ve tried with the block ‘make color’ → ‘make a list’ also, but I don’t get it to work there either even when I use 4 blocks with opacity in the end :confused:

I believe the best solution is to add background color property in your schema and not add it later

Also MenyBox1 and MenyBox2 are …? cause from the test aia I got the following components containing Menybox

Even if I try with a color thats not transparent I get this error.

I don’t get the error when I only have 3 items in the list, but when I add more it’s “unstable” and works sometimes, sometimes not. It’s like it can’t add the colors fast enough?

I also tried this: (Since it might be that not every schema has been loaded when I execute the colorchange)

I set the timer to 2 seconds, the color is added, but I get this error anyway?

No, because I want the user to be able to change the color if wanted from within the app.

That’s because I have changed the names, since I have added more menus.

I did it like this with no problems. I just add an extra check just to be sure that component was really created before changing bg color

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Yeah, I found out the reason for my error message. When testing with different methods I forgot to remove a ‘for each item in list’ block with empty blocks in it, that caused the error.

Anyway I did see you added 2 Dynamic Components.
So I figured I should separate my menues that way, and now everything works great.

I also use
Don’t know if that’s needed tho since I do it this way I now do.

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Can you tell i want same process
I need quick update list mean i am making status saver app have in 3 slider viewpager in one screen
So i want when user saved any videos or images and go to saved so list updated automatically
But i try to many method i take when user go saved slider so list created but error come so how to do me help me

Please elaborate a bit more, didn’t get what your want 100% :see_no_evil:

You should also show some blocks of what you have tried, and the error you get. That way it’s easier for me/us to understand what you are trying to do and give feedback to you :muscle::+1: