How to use Dynamic Components with Schema

Yes. It’s possible.

BackgroundColor property of any component accept an integer value as color. Not only background color, all property related color accepts an integer value. But in your blocks, you’re giving a string value to the value parameter. Could you try removing the string from the value? Then try.

I have tried everything that comes in my mind, and the string you see works just fine, but not if I try with ‘for each item’ block.

The thing is I want the background to be only 10% transparent.
I’ve tried with the block ‘make color’ → ‘make a list’ also, but I don’t get it to work there either even when I use 4 blocks with opacity in the end :confused:

I believe the best solution is to add background color property in your schema and not add it later

Also MenyBox1 and MenyBox2 are …? cause from the test aia I got the following components containing Menybox

Even if I try with a color thats not transparent I get this error.

I don’t get the error when I only have 3 items in the list, but when I add more it’s “unstable” and works sometimes, sometimes not. It’s like it can’t add the colors fast enough?

I also tried this: (Since it might be that not every schema has been loaded when I execute the colorchange)

I set the timer to 2 seconds, the color is added, but I get this error anyway?

No, because I want the user to be able to change the color if wanted from within the app.

That’s because I have changed the names, since I have added more menus.

I did it like this with no problems. I just add an extra check just to be sure that component was really created before changing bg color

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Yeah, I found out the reason for my error message. When testing with different methods I forgot to remove a ‘for each item in list’ block with empty blocks in it, that caused the error.

Anyway I did see you added 2 Dynamic Components.
So I figured I should separate my menues that way, and now everything works great.

I also use
Don’t know if that’s needed tho since I do it this way I now do.

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Can you tell i want same process
I need quick update list mean i am making status saver app have in 3 slider viewpager in one screen
So i want when user saved any videos or images and go to saved so list updated automatically
But i try to many method i take when user go saved slider so list created but error come so how to do me help me

Please elaborate a bit more, didn’t get what your want 100% :see_no_evil:

You should also show some blocks of what you have tried, and the error you get. That way it’s easier for me/us to understand what you are trying to do and give feedback to you :muscle::+1: