How to use embed code in web viewer

Hi, guys
I am suffering with a very simple thing. I want to know “how to use embed code in web viewer?” please send me some picture from block and web viewer.
I have tried a lot of ways and none of them work.

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I’m doing some tests, waiting

I came up with a simple result: I used Google Sites (it’s up to you - example: Wix or Blog Sport) to use the embed code, and set the URL of Google Site to Web View
(image 2:

Image 1
Image 2

Image 3

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Thank you for your email. I have already try your method but It’s not working.
Actually i want to use this embed code in web viewer.

have you try on awesome table on kodular? it does not work like other html.

Embed Code error problem…
2020-02-12 at 22-44-03

you might want to elaborate…
see also


Is there any solution to this I need it a lot