How to use extension onesignal send

I’ve been looking for this problem in the community and haven’t found the answer to my problem. so I use the onesignal extension to send notifications because when I try to find onesignal in the encoder component I don’t find the onesignal component as before, is the component deleted?, I’m having an issue where notifications don’t appear by using the extension of onesignal send. i send aia, You can try it
test (2).aia (284.8 KB)

You have to add OneSignal App ID in project settings

i forgot that :slight_smile:

Also make sure that onesignal is properly set.Try sending a test message from Onesignal dashboard and check whether you are receiving it.

this is successful thanks dora

but how to so that when the notification is clicked then the user will be directly directed to the destination that has been provided

Meaning …? Do you want to open a specific url ? or another screen in app besides Screen1 ?

other screen besides screen1 where I can use get start value on other screens because the nature of the data is not only on 1 screen only

I’m not sure that this can been done with Kodular

yes I also think the same thing, thank you for helping :slight_smile:

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