How to use if condition while matching data from SQL

I want to know that I am getting column from SQL in which I have to match that column if that column contain “Y” in it or “N”. When I am using blocks it is only going threw command which is in else.
Please help me in telling my mistake I want to match that data.

I am getting problem in last block.
Pls help me

Please save your block image by right clicking in the blocks editor and choosing Download blocks as image instead of posting photos.

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Ok but I am using community on mobile

I cant see your query.
And post sql table photo also for what column you want to match


I want to match admin column.


In this I am getting corrent value in label

But not going on correct screen

You are sitting in front of your computer so please make images like i asked you. You can also work on the community from you pc.

But I don’t want to add any new gmail in my pc because now there is no option in gmail to remove single account.
Sorry for inconvenience

Use trim block before response content sometime it contains space

Still not going on screen 1

I have solved this.

There was error in name
= admin\nN

you have been asked several times to provide readable screenshots… please do that next time…
also you might want to switch screens correctly…


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