How to use in App billing

how to use in App billing,
I visited website but i dont understand
Please tell me how to use this component,

When the purchase is done
My application would like to get ads free

(and sorry for Bad english :disappointed_relieved:)

I wonder if you searched to forum?


I’ve been trying for about 3-4 hours but I can not

please help peter

This may help you


how can i add inapp billing when purchased all ads will not apper

have you done this ? am also stuck here.

Go to PlayStore Console (You must have purchased a developer account)
PlayStore - Console


Down and enter Price Template

New Pricing Template

Enter the new data in the template, such as name, and price.

Link an element (application) that will use this template. It can be a template for a paid app or it can be a free ap with integrated purchases.

When you finish go to your application from “all applications” and go to “Google PlayStore Precensia”.

Inside you will have three options.
The first is for the user to acquire a service with a single payment.
The second is for the user to acquire a service with a subscription.
I never use the third one, I think it’s in BETA.

Being a subscription service (Remove ads). Create a subscription. Fill in the mandatory information such as the product ID (it will be used to identify the price plate. Use lower case and numbers)

In the prices section. Add the billing period (weekly, monthly, 3 months, etc …) and enter a subscription value.

You can add a price or select a pricing template. like the one you created at the beginning.

When you apply the price. You can configure some subscription options. As a trial period, a discount period, among others …

When you finish, you save and then activate.

It will take a while for you to use the template per subscription (20 minutes or more).

Important data: You must have your app on the platform to use the In App Billing service. You must have the In App Billing component and upload the application to unlock these options in Google Play Console.

To finish, you must add the email of verifiers to carry out purchase tests, without needing to have a balance.

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I wanted to share an .aia but apparently the component didn’t want to work again after the first trial purchase.


is it work with componet app billing now without license id???

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