How to use Notification extension version 2.0

(Wanster Nutine) #1

I want to know how can we use Notification Extension Version 2.0 please if anyone knows then reply me

(Nathan) #2

There is a built-in notification component in Makeroid… No need for a useless extension!

(Wanster Nutine) #3

I even don’t know how to use Notification Component in Makeroid apart from push notification

(Nathan) #4

Its the same as the extension, just better :wink:

(Wanster Nutine) #5

I made a messenger app and I want that if anyone message in that group then everyone should receive notification about the new message but the condition is notification should come even when app is not running in background

(Sander Jochems) #6

Use this easy block


(Nathan) #7

No app in the AI world can run in the background right now! Have you read other topics about Background Services?

How do I make my application work in the background?
(Wanster Nutine) #8

No not yet I watched a video on youtube in which they showed how to use Notification extension in messenger app but he also told the limitation of that extension that app should run in background otherwise users will not able to receive notificatiom about the new message

(Nathan) #9

Currently @Sander, the notifications do NOT show in the companion!

(Wanster Nutine) #10

Here is the video in which he showed