How to use odd or even number?

i am creating a app with 200 levels .
i don’t know how to create dynamic card view in vertical arrangment with a id of +2 in every card views.
i want to make levels horrizontallly look like

but i have i don’t know how to create .
i want to make a button on every card view.

please help me

here is a app already published on playstore

i want to make level page like this app

in the for each number from m to n by d block, set the last input to 2.
By 68 --> incrementing by 68 every iteration, in your example blocks.

If(number % 3 ===0){
New line
There is block called modulo use it if incremental number is modulo of 3 then new line else continue.
So it gives this

what number i have to fill and where i have to put

please help



i think it will create 603 levels

No you can try it and it will work absolutely fine.

from means where to start from
to means total length
by means what numbers to skip

from 1 means start from 1
to 201 means not exceeding this number
by 3 means -
1st number will be 1 ( derived from “from” )
2nd number will be first number +3 : 1 + 3 = 4

what id i have to put in dynamic button id

it’s your choice

like / example -
blocks (1)

I personally would simplify the IDs like:

0_1, 0_2, 0_3
1_1, 1_2, 1_3
2_1, 2_2, 2_3

…and so on.

my blocks not woking

it shows a error-

Runtime Error$CardViewHelper cannot be cast to


here is my aia
quizp.aia (17.6 KB)
please help me

if you are using Dynamic Components Extension
Then only use Dynamic Components Extension

if you are using inbuilt Dynamic Components
Then only use inbuilt Dynamic Components

You can not mix and match them.

okay, thanks i will try.
and wait can you edit my aia file

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But i am in Zoom Lectures till 4:00PM

We are going off-topic.
Let’s withdraw our off-topic comments.

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okay, sorry for that

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hey i am getting a error

Problem with application
Property setter was expecting a component but got a IntNum instead.

please solve

Show your new Blocks.