How to use spreadsheet component when row created block

in my app there is 1 spreadsheet used.And my airtable base there is 3 different table.
Also there is 3 checkbox for decide where data will be stored.And a notifier for notify when row is created.

My problem is when i checked all the checkbox then upload the data the notifier will be notify when all rows are to do this when there is 1 block for “when spreadsheet 1 row created”

Hi @OdiaTech_Center,
For example.If you have 3 data, you can do something like this:
You will initialize global count to 0
when spreadsheets .RowCreated
set count to count + 1
if ( count = 1 )
set checkbox1.checked to true
if ( count = 2 )
set checkbox2.checked to true

Also there is another easier way with the any component blocks.
initialize global count to 0
initialize global checkboxes to ( list of all of your checkboxes )
when spreadsheet1. RowCreated
set the count variable to count +1
set any checkbox. checked , component = select list item, list = check boxes , index = number
And set the to parameter in the any checkbox block to true
Hope it helps :grinning: