How to use SQLite

Hi, I just want to know how to use SQLite ? I mean where to enter my SQL url or SQL Database Name, Username, Password or where to insert path of .sql file?

I think there is a YouTube channel naming The developer 2.0 where you can find tutorial about SQLite with Kodular

Bro, in YouTube therr is no tutorial about SQLite. Only we can found Sql using Web. I know that but I want to use SQLite

Did you search the forum?

I just want to know where to connect with my mySQL database into this extension

He changed his channel name.
It is now Techy Sanjay

Can you please tell me how to add .sql file and set that sql path to start connecting sql with my own mysql server?

this is not possible, SQLite and MySQL are different databases
see here how to access the MySQL database App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


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Ok so mySQL is only possible with Web extension

I think you are trying to mix SQLite and MySql.
Both are different and have different working methods (except some queries).

Yes bro, I thought SQLite can be connected with mySQL db

to be able to access the MySQL database on a web server, there must be running for example a php script on the server…


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Yes I know
Thank you

WhatsApp me I’ll help u

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Sorry bro I’m new here I don’t know

So, if you are new, please read this: How to ask a question?

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