How to use the Custom PackageName

Hello ı miss this and ı cant use my old package name.Its uses app inventor package name how to rollback it?.I try fill blank package name area and downloaded project renamed with ai_ but its not work

how can i use without doing steps above like old

Did you leave the package name field empty?

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Yes, its empty

So, I had the same issue but, with switching screens… I had a custom package name, I later found out that if its blank and you change the switch screen to the screen name of the screen you want to go to not “com.makeroid.YOURscreenHERE” it worked!

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Sory but ı dont understand.My PAckage name field is empty when i try switch its show com.makeroid.ScreenName not found

How to fix it?

I just want use app inventor package name becasue my app already in google play


I want use this without add prefix to change screen like old method:

@Ali_Aydin you can export your aia file and add ai_ at the start of your filename. then upload it again and you should have the appinventor packagename

Aldready tried it.My project name start with ai_ already so when i download ı dont need rename i try bu this not work.I try save app ass method and renamed my app t x downloaded aia and added ai_ to .aia file again not work

When you use the ai_, then the package name field is empty in the designer. Leave it that way

Package field empty, and used ai_ but still not work

Can you show me your blocks of switching screens?

I use right(Open Another Screnn: Soru). I use left one for my tests(Its my dirty code).My package name field is empty.When i use Soru(right) its say com.makeroid.Soru not found

Oh, okey

I guess it’s due to that Variable
You set appinventor.ai_pmesystem.Bilgiler. while it must be only pmesystem.Bilgiler.

Hello barreeiroo
I dont use appinventor.ai_pmesystem.Bilgiler or other think when i use open another screen Method.I just try custom package name on my project Now I cant go back.Unable use app inventor package name like old method

I use old method for imported apps from other platfroms but its not work any more for my project i think my custom package name test broke it

How to go back and do not busy with #1 post steps

I uploaded my ai_ project but its not work for package name and when i try just open a screen and if package name field empty ı see com.makeroid.screenname not found

Can you send me the .AIA?
I will try to fix it

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the .aia has errors. not working :sweat::sweat::sweat:

Try this. you should change your username in the block
customPackage.aia (3.3 KB)
customPackage.apk (2.4 MB)


Thanks Ravi! That’s quite easy. :+1: