How to use the sql db component

I think it does not work
Wait for @Rogerio_Rios reply because u r getting all the data where this condition is true and may be there is syntax error too
As for text cells we use this formate 'value ’
It would be great if you study some basic queries of sql

Or either pm me your aia

sorry can’t i have many important links like api keys

Maybe i can store it in a variable and check the value?

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Then you should study basic queries because they are the back bones of sql databases
If once u learnet them it will become very easy task for you to manage your database structure

It will be a longer method because first u will call all values in a variable from database and then compare… The method i suggested you can directly check if this data is already present or not

Field Topic It doesn’t have to be in quotes. If it is not attaching, it could be a syntax error in the Kodular block and not SQL.
You need to know what Kouodular block returns.

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Yes. It works

The Select command is missing or the * that represents all fields or you put the field names separated by commas.
Select * FROM table…
Select field1,field2 FROM table

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No I haven’t checked it will check and revert

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