How to use this block?

when i click on a button it opens another screen with start value.
but it not working.
i am trying to change vertical scroll arrangement’s image but it not working using startvalue.
here is my blocks
please check.

blocks (18)

and this for screen2

blocks (17)

please help me

Now you have Shifted to Dynamic Components i Guess.

yes, you are correct . :grinning:

So instead of Passing Component as Start Value.

Pass Component ID as Start Value.

Using Get ID block from the Extension.

okay, wait i try

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Is your other screen name import 9F3DHF ?

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can you check these blocks.
because these blocks not working for me.

yes @Ansh_Anand

This is the Second Question or it is Related to First Only.

So what’s the Result.

To check that you are getting right value I suggest you to use a temporary label in your screen and set it’s text as start value.


thanks now it’s working

it also related to

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So which Part is not working.

You tried DO IT to figure it out.

i have already tried but nothing is working.
i don’t understand what is going on.
please check my blocks .

When Button 2 Clicks
is Custom Dialog Showing.


yes, now, it’s working .

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