How to use tumblr API to let users post contents on my tumblr blog

Please I need help on how to use Tumblr API to allow users of my app to post their own contents to my tumblr blog.

i am creating an app where i will want to embed my tumblr blog into the app so users can post content to my tumblr blog.
please some one should help me with the code blocks and how to call tumblr API into my app on Kodular.

thank you for help in advance

First of all, you’ll need to learn how an API works in Kodular/App Inventor. Here are some tutorials to get started:

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alright thanks for this. let me read them and see if i can understand them better to solve my issue. if i don’t understand i am coming back here to let you know. i have been on this for three days now though. i hope i find my solution with these links because am a novice to coding .

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What Kind of Contents? Do they have to Create, edit, or reblog?
This can Help :

thanks. yes they to create, edit and but no reblog

Did you mange to do it?

noooo i could not. just confused

I will make a AIA For you so that you can understand then please wait

wow. thank so much i appreciate. am waiting

You should use this type of URL :

I tried my best But i am getting this error have no idea why : oauth_signature does not match expected value


i am experiencing the same error same as yours. but you tried though .

I think you might need an Extension for this… I am not much Experienced with OAuth, but with regular API and Json, RSS, XML i can help

i have searched for such extension but i have not found any. do you know about anyone pls?

There are many extension developers here and you can Ask to Any Extension developer but they will charge you some amount @ExtensionDevelopers will help you

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ok thanks.