How to use "View Flipper" component

Anyone please show an example to use view flipper component

It is the same like with the side menu.
Create your layouts and then add them to the component.

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i want to use multiple images that will show when slide left/right

You can do that.
Open the blocks Editor and look what the component can do.
There you will find the Block which you need.

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And dont forget to read a description of a Block when you hover above it with the mouse.
Sometimes it will help you to use a Block correct.

can you explain me how to add multiple images to this add images block?

Look at my above answer

can i use this “,” symbol to add multiple images?

What tell you the description?
I cant look at the description bymyself since Iam current only mobile online.

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It looks for me like you don’t know the basics.
This is absolut no problem.
If you do some tutorials, then you will learn how makeroid works.

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Made a separate topic of your tutorial.


Flipper image view need some animation style (shattered, box style etc.) between images while sliding, is it possible?

And yes I have prepared a video same as View Flipper without any extension with swipe feature


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