How to use what3words without Extension

Hey. Since I have not found a (working) extension to use what3words, I have searched and found another way. Maybe it helps the one or the other. So let’s start!

Create API-Key:

  1. First of all create an account or log in to what3words:
    Account | what3words
  2. Now under “Overview” we can create a new API key. Just click on the button in the upper right corner.
  3. Now fill in all the data (project name and a small description) and then click on “Generate API key”

    Note: Converting latitude and longitude to what3words address is unlimited free! (Fair usage policy applies) Learn more here: Select plan | what3words

That’s it - at least for the API key.

The blocks

  1. Just add the “Web” component. That’s enough.
  2. Now set the URL. Consist of the following parts:,long&language=your-language-code
  3. Then use “Get Text” and the corresponding method “Got Text”. If the response code is “200”, it means that the request/query was successful. Now set a variable and assign it the value from the JSON Text Decode - as in the picture. Then we have to search for the three-word address in the received text with the keyword “words”.

And you’re done!

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