How To Use WhiteMobi ?(help) Firebase Method

(Nik) #1

How To Use WhiteMobi? can anyone please tell me how to use whitemobi i tried but when user complete whitemobi offerwall task point is not adding.

(walya_express) #2

Watch this video , I hope your all doubts will be clear.

(walya_express) #3

For more information

Check this post :- Makeroid Butterfly

(Nik) #4

I Already Watched Your Videos And Also Follow Your Tutorial But When User Complete Offerwall Task, How Point Will Add To user Wallet? Using Firebase?

(walya_express) #5

It’s very simple …offer completed block is already available , and for firebse clear your basics after that you can easily do anything .

(Nik) #6

see this image and tell me what is wrong?

and also when user install app then how can they know that task is completed?

(walya_express) #7

click on button of show offer wall whitemobi , if any one completed then there will be no task for the session.