How to use YouTube as a database for our app?

As @Ottoman made a methord to make Facebook as our video or image database but is it possible to make just like YouTube ? Means can we use YouTube as database for our app just like facebook ?

Do you want to download YouTube videos??
Or Just Want to play within your app?? If you want to play then you can use YouTube Player component

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@Ottoman I want to play it without YouTube player and as you done with Facebook. O want to do just like that

@Techy_Gang you need a video player like exo video player by deep host…but I am not sure that you can publish your app in play store or not.

you can do this by Deephost Exo Player which is available on his App.


Thanks @Ottoman Thanks @kweng for helping me , it is actually working for me . Thanks again :relaxed:

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You’re welcome :kissing_heart:

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@Ottoman but can I publish my app in playstore with this exo player extension for sure ?

Yes You Can, Even my app is already published on playstore and i didn’t get any violation mail from google playconsole.

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@Ottoman can you tell me your app name or reply with your app link ?

Sorry, I Can’t.

It’s ok :slightly_frowning_face: but you helped me a lot :relaxed:

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