How to using extra key to select which PhoneAccount (Sim1 or sim2) to make a call

Hello all ,
i’am new in this …
anyone can help me , i want to using extra key in activity starter to auto choosing which simcard to use for make a call …
sample ,
if= true
then make a call to 123 from sim1
else , make a call to 123 from sim 2

in this case i have tried to accesing to settings/networksetting/simmanagement in one click in activity starter …
the command off activity i get from google …
and that is work ,

and i got extra key to make a phone call with spesific simcard ( sim1 or sim2 )
but i dont know how to put in to the my app ,
maybe someone can help me answer my stupid question ,
question :

  1. how i can get value of spesific extra key ,
    i have tried many time , many value , but the extra key doesnt work …
  2. can i get example how extra key work…
    and this is extra key i talk about : android.telecom.extra.PHONE_ACCOUNT_HANDLE

I also searching for that

Hi @supun Welcome to Kodular Community
Please have a look at Activity Starter’s properties.

Is there any place to get the codes. that is not include in there