How to vibrate the phone without stopping?

How to vibrate the phone without stopping, it only stops vibrating when you press a button.


Actually, I need that when I press the button vibrate the time that is also pressing the button, and no longer vibrate when I stop pressing the button.

I have tried the Sound function that includes vibration but has no other options like to stop vibrating or vibrate without limit.

I have tried using a clock, but this one has cut-off times, the vibration is not continuous, it fulfills the function but I need the vibration to be continuous without intervals.

This works:


The Timer needs to be Enabled at startup with an interval of one millisecond.


This extension may also help

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It really works, but the vibration I do not know if it’s weak in my device, it almost does not feel, even so I had to use the vibration extention since it perfectly fulfills what I was looking for, thank you very much.

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