How To View Source Code ( HTML Viewer ) of Any Website

I’m test and have the same

Search if you can encoding this

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I have no idea about this but it might help

First encode the incoming data witg web URL encoder block
And then decode it and set label text to decoded text

If it didn’t work then use some online url decoder with multi language support
I think it will work
Just give it a try :wink:


looks good if you are using a web view, but is it possible to get text and put it in a label from the web view?


It is possible with the help of JS.

but how???

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I found this extension. but it doesn’t work anymore.

it is possible but it is very complex and and you have to code for each website (same for all web pages of same site)

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Label doesn’t support all signs (Maybe)

try enabling HTML option for label and see if the symbols works or not

what if i wanna load the html from assets
is there any workround for that

just use infornt of the URL add

view-source: + file directory (asset)

I need to get the source code from but the web component is outdated :frowning:

Try this

Use Webviewer and run JS


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