How To View Source Code ( HTML Viewer ) of Any Website

Its very Simple, what you need to do is,

just call web viewer to go to a website by adding view-source: in front of the url

for example -


is it possible to change the content before viewing? Thing like [content] and changing the content?

not possible… you cant change any website content unless you have admin privilege. but its not that easy.

I mean changing the content once received and not the web content. For example: I have a file in my assets with the content [content] I would like to read the content and change the [content], I don’t know if I was clear enough.

Yes… You are not clear enough :sweat_smile:

is it possible to copy all code with blocks?

might be possible… but i haven’t tried any method yet…

Yes is possible but get the result is diferent.
I work with youtube to get link live stream. To get the right content I need to set link like desktop. into your app and the souce code is diferent. I’m check this many times

almost 12 hours I tried to be able to copy the code and put it in the label. but there were no results. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

Please you can show that you have tried ??

This works fine


I deleted it, I even tried using a web component, but I have a problem with charset that is not supported on kodular.
The webpage that I want the content to use is to use Windows-1256 charset instead of Utf-8.

You can post link to test ???

I tried it but got a problem on charset which is not supported by kodular.
I want to get this web content الموسوعة الشاملة - إجابة النداء

I think your using response code instead of response content

You have problems with Arabic characters ???

Ya, see screenshots of this web component!

Ok… i do some test for you.
Please wait

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thank you friend, glad to hear that.

I tried it, but it didn’t work