How to write code? To enter the number 0 in front of the thousands

How to write code? To enter the number 0 in front of the thousands.
EXE. 0001

I tried but didn’t work.

Please explain more. What exactly you want to ask?

I want to know how to put the number 0 in front of the thousands, such as 0001, by writing the block, ie if the thousands digits do not have other values, enter 0 instead.

Do you want to add zeros before any digit? but why? :thinking:
You have to do this in a different way like this :point_down:


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I want to add the number by starting 0001, if it reaches 10, it will be left with 2 numbers, such as 0010

I’ve already gave you an example how you can add zeros before any digit.

You can use this block to get the length and then you can add zeros as many as you want.

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I’ll try. If you can’t, you can help. Can you explain more? Because I just learned this


Is it worked? or not?

Not work.

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TEST.aia (2.5 KB)



Thank you very much for making a sample for me to see, but I tried adding 1. It appears that the number 0 is missing, leaving only one number.

You manually have to add zero again if you increase it by +1

Work! Thank Boban, MrSid

Start text 00000 When click button 00001,00002,00003…


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