How use only numbers with negative sign

I tried to make an application for calculations. So I want to restrict the text box for numbers only. But the problems is when I select the options from *Numbers *Phone number *Decimal Number, I am unable to add negative in the text box. only phone number allows to add negative sign but with other options too, which is some letters and space. Can we avoid this?

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@auttekar It doesn’t seem so

Damn, good that you mention it, now I am once again for the tenth time unable to recreate my oldest project

@KodularCreator this still doesn’t work


How about doing this as a workaround for now :
Making A list of available characters that a user is allowed to type in the text box and whenever the user Finish Typing check if the text box contains only the allowed characters or return an error

You can try this:
Let the user enter a positive number and then in block section you block it as call text box input and add “-” to the input of textbox and proceed to further caclutaions

These workarounds may work for @auttekar but for me big NO

Because I neither want to confuse myself or my users with another keyboard (should be only one)

Then I have to add an extra visual component that can indicate if I have minus or not (blaahhhh)


Try TextBoxTools InputTypeNumberSigned:


Damn, you-all creates new extensions as if it was running water, I can’t keep track of all these new ones.

Good one @Ken and I’m going to test it soon. :+1::star_struck::heart_eyes:



i didn’t say anything about a new Keyboard :neutral_face:

No I cannot use either.

Try the extension @Ken provided, it works (sorry for my late reply)

Btw @Ken when I press done on keyboard i get an brief unwonted under line


Can you PM me .apk or .aia?

Ahh sorry and forget about it @Ken It’s something I haven’t thought of before as it looks so even without your extension.


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