How user can select Favorite from List By Airtable in App?

Hello, I have read many topics on the community but didn’t found the solution.

I want user can mark there favorite from the List.
The Database is from the Airtable.
How can i do that please help, It’s too complicated for me.

I found a thread but the solution user gave was hidden as he directly msged the AIA file.

Thank You, tagging you @Still-learning because i think u r an expert and you may already know the solution.

May I know what type of list view you are using ?

Dynamic list view or default listview or anyother custom list view

The one you provided me in my last project.
It’s Default Listview @Still-learning

Then how can you mark the favourite list ? Sorry i ha e forget what method i have suggest you earlier…

When someone clicks on it, Is that possible to set them as favorite ?
Also i can use listview extension if you suggest to mark favorite.

I can send you the aia file, but i was unable to msg you. How can i send you one ?

it is possible with dynamic com extension only

Yeahh, no issue. Just don’t want anything in the app like an old SDK or any suspicious extensions that could cause problems in the Google Play Store.

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