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Hi Koders,
I downloaded a google doc contains text and images as web page (.html, zipped) and when extracted the zipped file, found index.html and folder named images.
Now, I want to use this html with all images in ebook_template.aia (254.8 KB) by @Peter , what is the best way to upload my html file and all images belong to it as chapter 4 for example in ebook_template?
I tried to uplaoad my html file and its images to assets manger but didn’t know how to put images back to the html file.

Just load that html file to web view and if image is not loading then change image SRC to assets with image name… means you have to edit html.gile…

The simples form is this inside your html-file.
I just tested it and it worked in the companion and when build.


Thanks for replying,
How and where can I edit html file?

If you are on Windows, use Notepad.

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Thanks alot.

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