Html help needed

Hello koders,
I want to know that how I can upload html files to any web hosting service(like 000webhost,etc) then it shown by webview(I can do this step only)
Please help

Hi @Sherpuraala

I’m a web developer, I’m learning kodular
To upload html, htm, php or asp files etc to a web server, you need to do it using the FTP protocol … for this you need

An FTP client (can be Filezilla FTP client is a free program that you install on your computer)

Data you will need to upload to the client:

A server: It will be provided by the service you use (it is usually of the type - ftp.your
A user: The service you use will provide it (it is usually one of type -
A password: the service will also provide it to you or you will have to generate it
Perhaps if it is a free server, they have their own PORT and they will provide it … by default it is usually 21 or empty

Excuse my English, it’s a google translation

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Marked as solution but can you please tell it briefly how to use it because I never used ftp component.

ok give me a few minutes, i will show you images

Do you need to upload files with a kodular component or from your computer?

Yes I need with kodular component

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